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Reseller Back Office

Dear Respected Resellers,

During the initial stage where the Company have requested resellers to register for the Prego Card, the Company have found out the following issues :-
  1. A number of Resellers were not made aware of the Prego card charges whereby Prego will charge USD10 per month and BoosVenture will deduct initial fee of BVP25 per card per person from Resellers e-wallet; and

  2. There are a number of non-resellers who have applied for the Prego card.

As a result of the above two (2) issues, the Company felt that it is only fair to cancel all the earlier applications for the Prego card that some Resellers have applied for. This cancellation is needed for the following reasons :-
  1. The Company is of the opinion that all Resellers' have the right to be informed of the Terms & Conditions in applying for the PreGo card and the right to make informed decisions before committing to apply for it; and

  2. The Company wishes for the Prego card facilities to be exclusive ONLY to Boss Venture Resellers and not to other non-resellers.

Therefore in line with the above statement, Resellers who have applied for the Prego Card initially will have their applications cancelled and the Company advise Resellers to read the announcement title 'ANNOUNCEMENT ON E-WALLET TRANSACTION' for the Terms & Conditions in applying for the Prego Card facilities. Once Resellers have read the Terms & Conditions, Resellers can re-register/re-apply for the Prego Card by clicking on the link provided in the 'Announcement on E-Wallet Transaction'.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused and we thank all resellers for your continuous support and patience.

From The Management

To All Respected Resellers,

In line with our global operation planning, all future business transactions will be done through PreGo debit card for every Reseller.

In order to facilitate these transactions for your convenience, we require you to understand that the registration of the PreGo card comes with the following terms and conditions:-
  1. Every applicant MUST be a registered reseller in
  2. Every card applied is charged with an initial fee of BVP25.00 per card per person to be deducted from reseller's E-wallet by
  3. administrative fee of USD10.00 per month is chargeable on each card by PreGo during the entire duration of your active membership as a reseller in
If you are agreeable to the above terms and conditions, you may then proceed with the registration of this PreGo card in your Reseller Back Office or otherwise you can choose to ignore this option.

Take note that a Reseller is strongly advised to apply for the PreGo card if the Reseller plans to have transactions with BossVenture. We will not be responsible or be held responsible if the facilitation of your transactions in is delayed in the event you choose to opt out of this PreGo card facilities.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : In accordance to the local and international anti-money laundering laws and regulations, every reseller is only entitled to one (1) card application. Upon receiving confirmation of your PreGo card, you are then required to login to any username accounts that is managed by you to register your PreGo card ID account number to facilitate all future E-Wallet transactions.

Thank you for all your attention.
From the Management
Cancellation of Withdrawal Transaction Requests Done Between 21st to 26th July 2014.

To all affected Resellers,

In compliance with the current process of PreGo system integration, we wish to inform Resellers that any withdrawal transactions made between 21st July 2014 to 26th July 2014 will all be cancelled.

This is due to system integration issue as the Resellers Back Office e-wallet withdrawal function will have to be re-coded to facilitate withdrawal options done only in USD currency which is line with our planned global operation. This is also in compliance with PreGo where our system needs to be aligned with their requirement for legal transactions implementation in future.

We regret any inconveniences caused.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

From the Management

Pembatalan permohonan transaksi pengeluaran wang yang dilakukan pada 21hb hingga 26hb Julai 2014.

Kepada Para Reseller Yang Terpengaruh

Sila maklum bahawa semua permohonan transaksi pengeluaran wang yang dilakukan pada 21hb hingga 26hb Julai oleh para Reseller telah dibatalkan untuk memberikan laluan kepada proses penyepaduan sistem PreGo.

Sejajar dengan perancangn operasi global kami , di mana semua transaksi pengeluaran wang kelak akan disatukan dengan pemilihan mata wang USD sahaja, maka fungsi pengeluaran e-wallet para reseller di pejabat belakang perlu dikodkan semula untuk proses penyepaduan sistem tersebut. Ini adalah juga selaras dengan perlaksanaan sistem PreGo pada masa akan datang, di mana ia memastikan semua transaksi yang dilakukan akan mematuhi undang-undang.

Kami menyesal atas gangguan yang tidak diingini.

Kami mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih atas kesabaran dan kefahaman anda.

Dari pihak pengurusan.



謹此敬告所有網民商們,為了統一執行PreGo 系統,我們已经取消所有在2014年7月21曰至26日的提款交易申請 .

為了配合全球化的營運規劃,我們正在把網民商的後台辦公室重新編碼,以便統一以美元貨幣作為網民商們以後的提款交易。同時也合法的以 PreGo 執行我們以後所有的交易。





Pembatalan transaksi permintaan penarikan dilakukan pada tanggal 21-26 Juli 2014.

Kepada semua Reseller yang terpengaruh ,

Sesuai dengan proses integrasi sistem PreGo pada saat ini, kami ingin menginformasikan reseller bahwa transaksi penarikan anda yang dibuat antara tanggal 21 sampe 26 Juli 2014 akan semua dibatalkan.

Hal ini disebabkan masalah integrasi sistem fungsi penarikan e-wallet di pejabat belakang Reseller akan harus dilakukan kode kembali supaya bisa memfasilitasi penarikan dilakukan hanya dalam mata uang USD , dan ia adalah sejalan dengan perencanaan operasi global kami . Hal ini juga sesuai dengan PreGo di mana sistem kami perlu disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan hukum dalam pelaksanaan transaksi di masa depan.

Kami menyesal segala ketidaknyamanan yang ditimbulkan.

Kami berterima kasih atas kesabaran dan pengertian Anda.

Dari manajemen
Boss Go Holiday Campaign Extension.

To all Respected Resellers,

Good News!!! The BOSS GO HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN has received very good response to date! We are happy to say that there are only limited seats left from the 200 that we target. We believe that the 200 qualifiers target will be reached very soon.

As announced earlier, we will be shutting down the Resellers back office from the 27th July 2014 till 3rd August 2014 for our migration to Rackspace, therefore we are still allowing any interested resellers to submit their sales in qualifying during the shutdown period.

All interested qualifiers need to do is to submit their proof of BVP10000 payment BANK-IN slip and email to us to qualify for the Korea trip on a first to achieve, first to qualify basis depending on their BANK-IN slip submission time and date.

From the Management
Prior Announcement

To All Respected Resellers,

In line with our global BVMalls integration, we are now in our final stage of implementation for global operation. In view of this, our BVMalls Malaysia will not be available for any online shopping activities temporarily for 3 weeks beginning from 25 July 2014 to 15 August 2014. These dates may be subject to further extension.

Resellers may still have accessibility to the mall though transactions are not available.

These exercises are essential in order for us to resolve a number of old issues faced in the current SOP and to ensure a better shopping experiences for everyone in the global phase of our global operation.

We regret and apologize in advance any inconveniences caused.

Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.

From The Management